What Does a Foot Drop Brace Do For Runners?

Foot drop brace for running was initially designed for rehabilitation after surgical procedures of traumatic injuries. Many people suffer from severe foot problems after a surgery for any reason. If this is the case then the right footwear is needed to help the patient regain their normal running pattern. A good supportive footwear can be worn for walking and running. In this article we will discuss the foot brace for walking and running.

Drop foot braces for walking helps reduce the impact on lower limb bone and joint structure. The physical therapy of a brace like this can be used as a post-operative treatment to help the patient recover from the post-operative state of limitation. There are many conditions in which this type of support may be needed for patients. These conditions include muscular weakness due to arthritis or neuromuscular issues and spinal cord injuries resulting in paralysis.

As a post-operative physical therapy for foot support, the brace is usually worn only while running. There are other cases where it is worn during walking. This is done to control pain from arthritis associated with the foot. The movement of legs while running causes unnatural stress on the ankle and joint capsule muscles.

To start the physical therapy of this brace for walking, the patient lies on their stomach and places the ankle support across the top of the little toe. The other three toes are then placed under the ankle support. This keeps the arch of the foot supported and also reduces the stress that is placed on muscles, tendons and ligaments. Foot movement during walking and running is therefore restricted.

Walking with this orthosis support reduces the tension in the leg and also helps in strengthening the calf muscle. The running motion becomes easier, because there is less pressure on ankles and muscles when running. Although the orthosis brace can be worn while running, it can also be worn during walking. It is recommended that one goes for a minimum of thirty minutes of walking with the orthosis every day for one week to see the benefits.

This orthosis device is comfortable and easy to use. There is no pain when the foot is fitted with it. The user will have to take his or her first few steps with the orthosis device before they go on to run. One will experience a lot of strain on their Achilles tendon if they run with their shoes and orthosis for walking without this device. In order to avoid this from happening, it is better for the individual to go for a minimum of thirty minutes of walking with the orthosis every day and change their running shoes accordingly.

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